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May 25, 2011

The Worldwide Climate Manipulation of Big Oil

Here is the best kept world secret, the one many people see, but few talk about. Here is the real reason there is a big oil disinformation campaign to discredit global warming. Big oil and many other reasource behemoths see billions in profits. We are all of us a part of the biggest and most dangerous experiment in climate manipulation in history. The poor of the world stand to lose the most, many will pay with their lives. Is the US already paying with intense storminess?
As declining sea ice and better mapping and technology make the Arctic more accessible, nations with interests there — including the United States — are beginning to stake their claims on the resource-rich region.
Russia planted a flag on the seafloor below the North Pole in 2007. Denmark announced this week that it would ask the United Nations to recognize the North Pole as an extension of Greenland, its territory. The U.S. sent a secretary of state to a meeting of eight Arctic nations earlier this month for the first time, a sign that Americans also have their eye on the region's potential resources.
"This region matters greatly to us," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after the conference in Nuuk, Greenland.
The U.S. is committed to the Arctic Council's mission as well as the challenges the Arctic faces, Clinton said, including possible resource development.
Although numerous logistical challenges to oil and gas exploration in the region remain, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that as much of a third of the world's undiscovered gas and 13 percent of its undiscovered oil may be in the offshore Arctic, in relatively shallow water.
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